– App keeps crashing.
1. Delete the app.
2. Reinstall the app.
1. Delete the app.
2. Turn off and turn on the device(iPhone/iPad/iPod).
3. Reinstall the app.
If keeps crashing,
Message us on the Support page.
We will try to clear your problems.

– How can inappropriate Ads come through?
Every ad server has the ability to block but if the server doesn’t know your level of filtration, it can cause problems. Ad inventory is sold, transferred and resold like all commodities It’s very common practice for ad networks to run other inventory, they buy and sell based on inflow/outflow of demand and supply. Some networks end up supplying large amounts of inventory run from another source. If they pipe in demand from another place, and they don’t match up an inappropriate ad might slip through.

– How to block inappropriate Ads?
1. First screen capture the banner (so we can ID it)
2. tap the banner,
3. right after opening, tap the “open in safari” button appears before it opens the ad (circled in blue below)
4. a redirect URL will show up in the safari window, this will give us the network name, grab a screen shot. (circled in red below)
5. Send us the two screen captures, one of the banner and one of the network (or if you recognize the network name, no need for a screenshot)


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